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Directing Carolina Coating Solutions' safety program is Charles E. Merritt whose 50 years of construction industry experience helps ensure that each job is performed safely.

Safety highlights include:

Our safety policy is exhibited in the following paragraphs.

Carolina Coating Solutions is committed to creating a workplace that is safe, healthy and injury-free. Our employees are our most valuable assets, and their safety and health is our first priority. Safety is essential to all business functions and is never compromised under any circumstance. Every employee has a responsibility to maintain our work environment including reporting hazards and working toward preventing accidents.

We will provide training, review our procedures, review accidents and maintain the equipment. In the event of an injury, we will actively work to return the employee back to work when medically possible. Our Drug and Alcohol policy will be strictly enforced with no exceptions.

We will provide support to our Safety Committee by providing them the time, employees and management commitment needed to reach our common goal of an injury free workplace. I appreciate your full cooperation to follow our safety program and make our workplace safe, healthy and injury-free.